6th IBEX International Bakery Exhibition

Start dato9. december 2012
Slut dato12. december 2012

Bread and its varieties are staple foods for millions across the world . Thus bakeries becomes important provider of common mans food . Also it contributes to millions of jobs in these bakeries directly or indirectly which includes ingredients suppliers , machinery suppliers , packaging material suppliers thus bakeries also helps in maintaining these industry.


Serious baking professionals around the world know that the International Bakery Exhibition is the most important trade event and their most complete source for the equipment, ingredient and supply solutions they need to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.


Thousands of baking pros directors and managers from every industry segment get down to business here, finding new technologies, tracking issues and trends and getting answers and ideas to move their operations profitably into the future. Plan now to join these industry leaders in Iran, November 5-10, 2012. Large or small, your business will benefit from being here.


In 2010, this important exhibition, got great success with 115 companies from 15 countries. After the success of 2010, in 2011 the exhibition raise their success to 200 countries from 18 countries and in 2012 it’s expand the capacity to 250* companies from China, Italy, Netherland, Germany, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Romania, Iran, Korea, Japan, Spain, U.A.E, Swiss and Denmark which showed that this exhibition have great importance and reputation at this rich business fields.